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Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts – Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation (RESSF)

Lisbon, Portugal

The RESSF is a private law and public utility institution founded in 1953 as a result of Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva’s donations of the Azurara Palace and its decorative art collection. The Foundation’s mission is to protect, sponsor, disseminate and pass on knowledge and know-how in the decorative arts – movable and immovable heritage – in all aspects, musicological, academic, technical and restoration.

The foundation’s structure is as follows: the Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts; 18 arts and crafts workshops; the school; and a conservation and restoration department.

This original organic model of the institution produces a dynamic relationship between the Museum, the school and the workshops, demonstrating not only a groundbreaking spirit but also the integrated approach that is the basis of the Foundation’s establishment. Moreover, RESSF’s acknowledgement that the artistic and heritage dimensions must be inseparable from training, qualification and dissemination of know-how, has provided additional patrimonial value.

Largo das Portas do Sol, 2
1100-411 Lisbon
T +351 21 881 46 00;

CEO of the Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation
Maria da Conceição Amaral
T +351 21 881 46 00

Museum Technician, Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts
Filipa Coelho
T +351 21 881 46 31

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