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Name of Object:

Tree & Shrub Cartouche Carpet


Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Holding Museum:

Glasgow Museums - The Burrell Collection


18th century

Type of object:


Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Wool warp and weft; wool pile


H: 6121mm, W: 2108mm

Period / Dynasty:


Workshop / Movement:

Northwest Iran workshop


Northwest Iran


An 18th century north-west Iranian “tree-and-shrub-cartouche” pile carpet, with a multi-coloured centre-field containing more than fifteen small gardens, one in each of its cartouches. Each of the centre-field’s geometrical cartouches has a different coloured background including red, green, yellow, turquoise and dark blue gardens. The slightly distorted cartouches would have been originally eight-pointed star compartments. Each compartment holds a miniature garden with a variety of flowering shrubs and trees and a small pond or a stream at the foot of the main tree. The carpet is framed by a narrow ivory and dark blue border that contains a repeat arabesque motif.

The multi-garden design of this carpet is inspired by earlier carpets of the “Wagner Garden” carpet type, which is also owned by the Burrell Collection. See carpet no. 9.2.

How date and origin were established:

Manufacturing techniques and stylistic analysis

How Object was obtained:

Gifted by Sir William and Lady Burrell to the City of Glasgow, 1944

How provenance was established:

Stylistic analysis

Citation of this web page:

Noorah Al-Gailani "Tree & Shrub Cartouche Carpet"  [db_in_citation_dca]  2019.;DCA;uk;Mus31;19;en

Prepared by: Noorah Al-Gailani

MWNF Working Number: UK1_019

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