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Name of Object:

Shahar Khanum's Trees Carpet


Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Holding Museum:

Glasgow Museums - The Burrell Collection


18th century

Type of object:



Shahar Khanum

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Cotton warp and weft; wool pile


H: 4597mm, W: 3251mm

Period / Dynasty:


Workshop / Movement:

Western or north-western Iran


Western or north-western Iran


An 18th century west-Iranian pile carpet with multi-coloured weeping willows, blossoming trees and cypresses symmetrically lined up to fill the ivory coloured centre-field. The carpet’s border is red in background with a chain of alternating dark blue palmettes and pale blue serrated leaves. The name of its female weaver, Shahar Khanum, is discretely woven amongst the light green leaves of a large dark-blue tree with symmetrically extended branches. This dark-blue tree stands on the right side of the carpet close to its border, with its top edge, where the inscription is woven, is aligned to the centre line of the carpet. The three word inscription (‘Amal Shahar Khanum) state that it was made by Shahar whose honorific title is Khanum, indicating social seniority within her community.

The overall design of the centre field is known as a Bid Majnun design, and is found in Kurdish carpets from Bijar and in Heris / Heriz carpets from Azerbaijan province amongst other westerly locations.

How date and origin were established:

Manufacturing techniques and stylistic analysis

How Object was obtained:

Gifted by Sir William and Lady Burrell to the City of Glasgow, 1944

How provenance was established:

Stylistic analysis

Citation of this web page:

Noorah Al-Gailani "Shahar Khanum's Trees Carpet"  [db_in_citation_dca]  2019.;DCA;uk;Mus31;17;en

Prepared by: Noorah Al-Gailani

MWNF Working Number: UK1_017

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