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 © Muzej primenjene umetnosti, Beograd

Name of Object:

Prayer rug


Belgrade, Serbia

Holding Museum:

Museum of Applied Art


First half of the 19th century

Type of object:

Prayer rug

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Wool; weaving


H: 150cm, W: 107cm




Pirot kilims are woven very finely. Weave density can measure up to seven to nine grains per centimetre, like on the kilim with a mihrab and pots with flowers in the central field. At the top of the mihrab there is a lamp, and in the corners there are flower braches. Kilim has three borders and the one in the middle is narrower than the other two. Borders are decorated with vegetable ornaments, almonds (bademčići) and octopuses (oktapod). The colours used are: red, green, blue, yellow, brown and violet.

How date and origin were established:

By stylistic analysis, material and technique

How Object was obtained:

Purchased in 1952

Selected bibliography:

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