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Discover Carpet Art is the newest Virtual Museum of Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF), set up in cooperation with Partners from all around the world. The Collection includes carpets that are part of other MWNF projects as well as carpets and carpet-related objects added by our Partners specifically for this project. Discover Carpet Art is a work in progress and we invite you to return from time to time to discover the latest entries in our Database.

Carpets play a central role in the public and private life of many cultures. They are mirrors of what we might define as the soul of each culture, its thoughts, values and symbols. Carpets have also always been important commodities and appreciated for their decorative power and timeless values.

The purpose of Discover Carpet Art is to introduce the world of carpets and invite you to discover how carpets trace a direct line across civilisations, from the Neolithic period up to the present. This colourful landscape is made by carpets of all kinds: not only actual carpets but also carpets in paintings, prints and photographs or carpets of stone.

We suggest you start your visit in the Collection, where you can choose what you want to see. For research you can go directly to the Database. If you are interested in learning about the contribution of a specific institution, the Partner section might be the best place to start. In the Timeline you will find information about the historical context and My Collection lets you add your favourite carpet to your personal collection.